KCS Robotics Club

KCS proudly announces the beginning of the Next generation Challenge! “The Robotics Club”

Our goal is to use robotics as a tool to promote involvement of our students in the futuristic and complicated subjects such as STEM and abstract mathematics, engineering and computers. This will involve them in a whole new arena of exciting creativity and practical challenges that we face in the modern world.

Students in different groups are working on a multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit, while other two groups are working on the Robotic Arm Edge Kit.
Multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit utilize different track modules and make your robot transform into 3 amazing variations: Forklift, Rover, and Gripper. Using the wired controller, command the robot to move forward, backward, turn, grip and lift.
In forklift mode, the ATR is like a mini industrial fork lift, with the ability to lift up to 100g in weight. In rover mode, the ATR's tank-like treads can traverse any type of surface. In gripper mode, the ATR's strong arms grab and pull objects into its grasp, lifting anything up to 100g and moving it to your desired location. With Robotic Arm Edge, command the gripper to open and close, wrist motion of 120 degrees, an extensive elbow range of 300 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, base motion of 180 degrees, vertical reach of 15 inches, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches, and lifting capacity of 100g.